Work climate and corporate identity

Being aligned with the goals of organizations or companies is still just a goal, as long as the appropriate circumstances for engaging and defending the values ​​and mission of companies do not exist. Being aligned with the mission, values ​​and objectives of the company is a consequence of the feeling of belonging to a team that only comes true if we feel good, if the work environment is correct.

“Happiness, or well-being if we speak of the scientific approach to psychology, is the product of personal interaction and the environment. As in an organizational environment, the environment we know depends, to a large extent, on the organizational culture and it is the product of the values ​​and behaviors of the people who are in the direction of the leadership, both the managers and workers, are responsible for individual and collective well-being. We also have empirical evidence that positive or pleasant emotions improve collaboration, decision-making, creativity and the quality of relationships, ”said Juan Pedro Snchez, specialist in positive occupational health and emotional intelligence. , commenting on an article by Ana Serrano in this same medium, in which he rhetorically wondered if happiness at work was possible. Something that seems to be not only possible but necessary.

Commitment and happiness

Also to be attached to the corporate identity of companies, you have to be happy, without a doubt. The environment of the organization, its environment, is a decisive factor in achieving our goal of engagement with organizations. It almost always depends on the guidelines of the organizations they will, along with HR managers to create the ideal work environment, which encourage collaboration, creativity, proactivity, decision making and a sense of belonging to a team. , under the same Corporate identity.

Communication and analytical methods such as Human Pull indicate in their analysis not only whether people in work teams are clear about the long-term mission and values ​​of the company; your goals and strategies. The method of analysis is concerned with whether the purpose of the organization is motivating for the people who make up these teams.

The actions themselves in favor of the establishment of a good working environment generate a good image. The best place to work will not only be because of its facilities and resources – although obviously also influential – which will make workers feel at home. Processes and working methods have an influence, each of them aiming to get the best out of the people who make up the teams. The reputation that is created in organizations becomes part of their corporate identity, with an advantage over other organizations that do not adopt the same measures.

Internal communication

Fluid and effective internal communication is essential to promote the resolution of problems and conflicts, in fact it is to avoid potential fires. Lack of communication causes conflicts and makes workers in companies not feel the same, thus decreasing their commitment and involvement. If you work on communication, you are helping to ensure that the message arrives as we want it to be conveyed, which is a hallmark of corporate identity.

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