Work-life balance, one of the main reasons for changing jobs in the midst of a pandemic


Work-life balance, one of the main reasons for changing jobs in the midst of a pandemic

88% of people who work consider it important to have services that help them reconcile better

BY RRHHDigital, 02:45 – 23 March 2021

How important is reconciliation for people to choose a job or change jobs? How much less would we be willing to earn in exchange for more reconciliation? These may be difficult consensus questions and depend on individual personal circumstances, but the truth is that 88% of people who work consider it important to have services that help them reconcile better, according to a latest survey on Fundacin Alares. Such is the need which exists in the world of work, that the problems of conciliation are one of the psychological consultations most frequented by the psychologists of Alares. March 23 is the International Day of Family and Work Conciliation and, for this reason, Alares, a company expert in conciliation plans, has developed a series of steps to fully understand what it consists of:

Flexibility. According to the Fundacin Alares survey, nearly half of the working population did not have the support of their company to make their working hours more flexible and adaptable. The flexibility of time and place (office or teleworking) is the first step for a correct management of the conciliation. We have to move from the concept of “heating the chair” to “using the chair”. Excessive control can lead to demotivation and mistrust. The diversity. Reconciliation also involves knowing the personal situation of each individual and knowing how to adapt to it. This diversity does not always have to be the same, but can vary according to the stages of each person. A worker can enter a company in a marital status and then have another (single, marriage, divorce, etc.). Diversity consists in knowing how to give conciliatory answers at each of these stages and not to give priority to certain people over others. We are diverse beings and we all need to be reconciled, either as a family, with our free time, our hobby or our pet. Communication. Creating zones of trust and safety with employees (from managers to employees and vice versa) is essential for reconciliation to be useful and for individuals to be able to speak out freely without fear of reprisal. A leader who knows how to respect the conciliation of his team will be much more respected / and will be more involved. It is very likely that absenteeism will decrease and productivity will increase. Services that make life easier for models. Companies should have work-life balance plans that allow their employees to combine work and personal life. This means taking care of your workforce in a real way, that is to say offering home care in the event of illness of the worker or his family, telephone assistance to carry out administrative or legal procedures … solutions to your real problems. Reconciliation should be understood as an investment, not an expense. In the long term, this is the best formula for retaining and attracting talent. Salary increases may be necessary, but the motivational effect on the employee is short-term. However, showing that you really care about your employee and their family can have a more lasting impact over time. Alares has been providing workforce reconciliation services to businesses for over 20 years. One of its flagship products is my assistant. Some companies offer their employees a personal assistant or concierge to handle whatever they want 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. “Find me a gym near you”, “find the best exercise classes near work”, “find me a running course”, “select the best sportswear …”. Free and unlimited service. But through the Alares 360 Plan, care, support and personal assistance services can also be contracted, at home or in hospital; professional and administrative support, etc.

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