“Work” or how to reconcile professional responsibilities with disconnection and rest

“Work” or how to reconcile professional responsibilities with disconnection and rest

Working from anywhere, without rush or schedule, is part of a new reality. The concept of Workation – work (work) and vacation (vacation) – is gaining ground by combining remote work with the possibility of disconnecting for a few hours to increase well-being.

Technology and remote working allow us to carry out a professional activity from anywhere, a suitable device and a good Internet connection are sufficient. According to a study carried out by Actiu among Spanish professionals of different profiles, 81.4% of those questioned consider that the new reality will lead to an increase in hybrid spaces, that is to say spaces that combine work and leisure with other activites.

40.7% of the people questioned indicated that they had become accustomed to a mixed working mode, which combines face-to-face and remote modes. In addition, 28.4% of them have used third places, which they consider comfortable for work. In fact, they transfer that the environments that will be key in the future will be offices with new uses with 65.6%, followed by 51.2% coworking, hotels with 39.5%, cafes and restaurants with 36.2%, among others.

Gradually, hybrid spaces are gaining importance and coworking and coffee shops are giving pride of place to hotels with the summer season already launched, offering a new model that combines work and personal life in spaces other than those of the traditional office. . The Workation thus opens up new horizons for the hotel industry and represents a new turning point. The first step is to know the habits and needs of the guests to provide them with everything they will need during their stay. Particularly comfortable workspaces.

Comfort and well-being are universal and essential in any environment. And it is the furniture that sets the foundation for achieving a high level of satisfaction with the environment, making the sum of concepts such as working, relaxing and enjoying a reality. From rooms in which guests stay to shared spaces designed to ensure peace of mind, these rooms require professional and ergonomic furnishings that ensure correct body posture during the time spent at work, thus being a key success factor. new model.

The Workstation concept allows professional responsibilities to be reconciled at a distance with disconnection and rest, thanks to spaces designed for both efficiency and comfort.

For Actiu, the possibilities go through multipurpose spaces equipped with multipurpose furniture, which offer functionality and safety. An increasingly light furniture that allows hotels to readjust the different environments of the common spaces that can be found in their halls beyond the reception areas, from collaborative spaces to outdoor terraces that make it possible to increase both security and customer experience.

Work and quality of life are not necessarily antonyms, but can be combined thanks to a new concept of space and furniture, and Actiu has all the layout options designed for these new spaces.

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