Workaholic, techie, streamer … tell me what kind of telecommuter you are and I’ll tell you what technology you need to hire this summer

Workaholic, techie, streamer … tell me what kind of telecommuter you are and I’ll tell you what technology you need to hire this summer

After spending over a year working from home, many of us are more than used to doing it, but when summer arrives, many jobs move from our usual residence to different places: home to beach, to a country house, to a small refuge in the Pyrenees. However, despite the idyllic locations of many of these destinations, they likely don’t have the proper equipment or workspaces to be able to continue doing so in comfort.

Grover, the leading tech rental platform, allows you to rent tech items for specified periods through an annual subscription, paying only for the use you donate to those products. So, and in order to temporarily equip these workspaces with the best of technology, they have made a selection of products for rent according to the type of worker you are. Whether you are a workaholic, IT professional, or want to try out being a streamer, this platform recently landed in Spain has everything you need to set up a temporary workspace just for the fun of it. period you need and at a good price.

1 the workaholic

If you’re that kind of person who can’t seem to stop working and need professional gear wherever you go, you can get a Mac Book Pro for $ 119 a month * or a powerful one. Asus VivoBook with an Intel i7 processor and a 512 GB SSD for € 69.90 per month * to make summer work as smooth as possible.

Another essential element for teleworking in the summer is having a good mobile terminal. With the Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra 256GB for € 94.90 per month * you will have a perfect ally for working and also for taking the most beautiful photos of summer.

2.The IT technician

Professionals working in IT need to have the latest technology in order to have all the necessary tools to perform their jobs in the most optimal way possible. At Grover you can buy this 27-inch Acer monitor for € 29.90 per month * to be able to have a dual screen while working from home and be more efficient in solving problems.

In addition, at Grover you can also buy this latest generation Logitech webcam for € 69.90 per month * to make calls with very good quality with your equipment.

3.The streamer

For anyone who wants to jump into the streaming world this summer and try new things, they can also find everything they need to have the perfect setup. For example, they can extend the devices on which they make their videos or their tests with, for example, a new generation console like the Xbox Series S for € 29.90 per month * to share and comment on your games with Next games- Gen. . .

On the other hand, another device not to be missed is this special video capture device for video games from Elgato at € 17.90 per month *, which will allow you to record your games in real time in high resolution. Without a doubt, an indispensable device for those who want to get started in this world.

4. The conciliators

Another worker profile that has been observed since the start of confinement is that of teleworkers who now that they are working from home need to have it in perfect condition. For this profile, Grover offers options such as the iRobot Roomba i7 robot vacuum cleaner at € 69.90 per month * which, thanks to its charging base and its tank emptying, makes you completely forget about cleaning.

You won’t be able to do without the new Sony WH-1000 XM4 headphones at € 27.90 per month * this summer, which will help you concentrate better and eliminate all unnecessary background noise thanks to one of the best systems. noise suppression market. .

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