Workers reveal their nightmares and secrets by telecommuting

A new study from Epson shows that while working from home has changed since March 2020, more than half (51%) of telecommuters feel that their workspace does not fully meet their needs.

While the months have passed since the first lockdowns, more than half (55%) of those polled say they have telecommuted from all kinds of places in the house, like bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms and toilets, attics or gardens. A significant minority have even worked from their car (6%).

However, the challenge was not only to find a space to work. More than half (52%) of those surveyed ended up working on surfaces other than their desks. This includes the floor, cartons or wrappers, ironing boards, sofas and beds.

Employees who telecommute have also experienced many distractions. Home deliveries seem to be the biggest problem, with 64% of respondents having calls or important tasks interrupted by the doorbell. In addition, 30% are distracted in their constant struggle with heating because they consider the temperature to be always too high or too low.

Respondents also engage in unusual behaviors, since their peers are not with them. More than a third (34%) turned off the camera and microphone during a meeting to do other things, like going to the bathroom or making a drink. Another quarter (26%) made a call in their underwear or pajamas, and one in 20 (5%) even admitted to falling asleep during their working hours.

It’s possible that stress, distractions and unusual behaviors are the reason 45% think their motivation will decrease if they continue to do their homework. Deborah Hawkins, director of Keypoint Intelligence’s Office, explains, “We looked at motivation and productivity during the telecommuting period. The two factors weren’t too bad for those with the right equipment. But if you didn’t have the right team. office, the impact is clear.

This is reflected in the Epson study, with 38% saying they need a new or improved chair, 35% demanding a better screen and more than a quarter (26%) saying they need a new one. printer. 37% say they need more or better ink or toner.

Deborah continues, “It’s clear that working from home is no longer just a temporary situation. After COVID-19, we expect a significant reduction in the number of days spent working in the office in Europe. Workers are now looking for solutions. more permanent. Some even move to new accommodation in search of the perfect work-life balance and better conditions. “

Karl Angove, Vice President, Consumer Products, Epson Europe, said: “Telecommuting is now the norm for many people in Europe and will continue to be a practice after local lockdowns and the COVID-19 crisis. It involves all kinds of problems. Employee Challenges, Distractions and Concerns In short, working from home can be stressful.

“But your tech team shouldn’t be part of that stress. It’s time to take the home workspace to another level. A lot of people want to continue as they are, but they have to work smart and use them. best tools to do their job. It is important to find the right technology for its intended use that is energy efficient and minimizes costs in the long run. Solutions such as our award-winning EcoTank cartridge-free printers can go a long way. They include enough ink to print up to 14,000 pages, saving money and time because you don’t need to change cartridges frequently. Setup is simple, you can refill ink cleanly and without complications, it is also very reliable, so you can print a large number of pages with excellent quality.

“We encourage people to talk to their businesses if they need any help, tech or otherwise, to make sure we can all stay productive and happy at home.”

Regardless of what happens with the easing of restrictions in some areas, telecommuting will be much more common than before. It is estimated that between 25 and 30% of employees will work from home several days a week by the end of 2021.

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