Workingflex, the answer to the needs of companies in terms of flexibility and teleworking

Workingflex, the answer to the needs of companies in terms of flexibility and teleworking

The emergence of Covid-19 was a complete revolution and led to the impetus of teleworking: before the pandemic, only 13% of companies bet on this working method. In a country characterized by presentism, flexibility gains more room and it is therefore necessary to prepare for this new reality.

Responding to a new socio-professional and corporate culture based on flexibility, and 15 years after the launch of the efr certificate in reconciliation management, Fundacin Msfamilia is launching Workingflex by efr, a new flexibility product intended to improve the competitiveness of organizations while keeping the person and conciliation at the center of decisions.

What is workingflex?

Overnight, a significant number of companies were forced to implement teleworking in 100% of their workforce. Some companies, like efr entities, have flexibility and teleworking in the DNA of their corporate culture; But many others have been forced to implement a remote working model that they are not used to and do not know how to do it effectively, without affecting their performance and productivity.

This increase revealed a series of needs in businesses. For this reason and with the intention of supporting all these organizations, whatever their size, Fundacin Msfamilia has worked during these pandemic months and in collaboration with entities such as BICG, Ms. Vida Red, SincroGO or the European University. , in a new product that could meet these needs and continue to support companies on the path to flexibility, on the other hand, closely linked to the reconciliation of personal, family and professional life.

Teleworking: training needs, compliance with legislation …

Flexibility in itself is not difficult, however, it impacts many elements related to the way of working that push for a paradigm shift, a new way of managing teams, a new culture based on trust, new responses. hybrids to processes that before they are performed in person.

Integrating all of these for the model to work requires education and training as well as the leadership and drive of a responsible person within the organization who has the knowledge as well as the commitment to implement. the model.

All companies have had to make a significant effort in these pandemic months, but the availability of resources to deal with this situation is not the same. Without a doubt, Spain is a country of SMEs and micro-enterprises and Fundacin Msfamilia intends to help these types of organizations to progress so that they can meet the challenge without affecting their competitiveness through an expert course. on flexible work in collaboration with the European University; a service for the development and implementation of digital disconnection plans by Sincro GO; a consulting and mentoring service in collaboration with BICG to implement a flexibility model or an innovative service allowing employees to access a wide range of services and products for their professional development, their leisure activities, their culture and their sport, with unique benefits and discounts, collaboration with Mrs. Vida Red.

“Teleworking is here to stay and we will live in a hybrid reality between flexibility and presenteeism. Businesses are joining this process of change. We are obliged to lend a hand to the company, which is under great pressure, in order to be able to help and support them in this process ”, says Roberto Martnez, director of Fundacin Msfamilia.

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