Workmen’s compensation, key to human resources in 2021: find out the reasons

Workmen’s compensation, key to human resources in 2021: find out the reasons

A few days ago, I read a post on LinkedIn from an expert in people management who explained how workers’ compensation had suffered a serious setback due to the coronavirus and the estrangement to which we are subjected. . And that’s when it seemed like a key point had been reached in the aforementioned area of ​​compensation, with many social benefits – beyond pay – for employees and companies increasingly including plus the need to offer this type of service, the pandemic has sent us backwards, pushing remuneration policies to the past.

In this sense, we can speak of complications when it comes to offering benefits in person, such as the restaurant or gym voucher.

But, little by little, and thanks to digitization, workers’ compensation schemes have adapted to the new reality, taking advantage of the limited margin of presence that remains to us in the era of the coronavirus and, above all, in making the most of technology, a key point in human resource management.

Companies have thus adapted their benefit plans to the new reality and, little by little, they are trying to give it the prominent place that the compensation sector deserves. For all these reasons, from RRHHDigital we have launched the “ I Labor Compensation Awards ” intended to reward the best projects in terms of work remuneration, flexible remuneration, care and employee recognition … by counting on the digitization as a point of great relevance in all there. And it is that labor compensation will be the key in 2021 for these reasons and others:

Beyond the salary. Although salary remains a vital and decisive element in workers’ compensation, its relevance is not the same as it was years ago. Especially the new generations demand more than a good salary when they choose a job or decide to stay there. Social benefits, beyond the economy, have become differential elements in the war for talent. Health care. During a pandemic, physical, mental, social and financial health has become a key aspect and a major concern for populations. The coronavirus has reminded us that the most important is the personal health and that of our loved ones, compensation plans aimed at well-being, such as health insurance or medical consultations, will therefore predominate in 2021. Complications of it is time to be reconciled. Another key aspect highlighted by the pandemic: the difficulty of reconciling family and professional life, especially in families with young children or dependent people. Teleworking and the closing of education centers at certain times has caused great complications for workers with dependents and companies must include aspects such as flexible hours or teleworking in their compensation plans. Digital transformation. With the development of technology, which has been going on for years and has been promoted by the COVID-19 pandemic, workers need different benefits, they demand different benefits; advantages adapted to the digital reality in which we live. We are talking about obvious aspects here such as teleworking or the digital transformation of the activities we carry out on a daily basis at work, but also other means of benefiting from the advantages of the company such as restaurant vouchers or vouchers in virtual rooms, online training, virtual teambuilding … Flexibility is the key. Finally, and while there are many other reasons to believe workers’ compensation will be virtual in the world of work in 2021, there is talk of flexibility and adaptability. The coronavirus pandemic has little to do with it here. And it is a trend that has been giving and demanding for a few years. Work flexibility, both in terms of hours and activity format, is essential for, on the one hand, keeping our workers healthy and happy and, on the other hand, gaining a competitive advantage to make our attractive company and to be able to retain our employees.

For these reasons and many others, labor compensation has been placed at the top of the agendas of HR managers and therefore, through the “ I Labor Compensation Awards ”, we intend to grant the relevance that the plans must have compensation , flexible remuneration, employee recognition … Companies can send their projects until February 7 and the jury, made up of HR managers and responsible for work remuneration, highlights the work according to its quality, innovation …

These “ I Labor Compensation Awards ” are organized byRRHHDigital, with the support of the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors, and have Compensa, Edenred, EY, AonyPayflow as competition sponsors.

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