World Bank Poverty in China: Has China Lifted 10 Crore People Out of Poverty: China Raises 10 Crore People From Poverty Line

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently announced that since coming to power in 2012, he has lifted 100 million people out of the darkness of poverty. He claimed that China had achieved a “ complete victory ” in the fight against poverty by improving the economic level by more than 77 crore over the past four decades. Since then, discussions have started on how China has done this?

What is the poverty line?
According to a BBC report, a person living in rural areas in China who earns less than $ 2.30 a day is considered poor. This standard was established in 2010 and covers income as well as living conditions, health and education. The World Bank has drawn the poverty line at $ 1.90 and the Chinese line is above it. Last year, Jiangsu Province announced that only 1.7 crore of its 8 crore was below the poverty line.

What does the World Bank data say?
In 1990, 75 million people in China lived below the international poverty line, which represented two-thirds of its total population. In 2012, this number was reduced to 9 crores and in 2016 to 72 lakhs, or 0.5% of the population. The same trend can be found in the World Bank data and in the Chinese government’s announcement. Continued economic growth is behind China’s poverty reduction, according to the report. Much of the focus has been on poor rural areas.

What did the government do?
The government has moved people from isolated villages to apartments. Some of them were installed near towns and other old villages. However, it is criticized that people did not have much freedom of choice. At the same time, it is also said that party policies are responsible for poverty. However, 40 years have been marked by major changes.

People work so hard
According to the report, economist David Rainey said the Chinese people have also worked hard and are freeing themselves from the influence of Chairman Mao’s terrible policies. The World Bank has placed China in an upper middle income economy. However, there is a huge difference in people’s income. Last year, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that the monthly income of 600 million people in China is still 1,000 yuan or $ 154, which is not even enough to rent a house in a city.

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