World Food Program Against Hunger: World Food Program warns, famine will increase dramatically in 2021 – World Food Program warns that hunger will increase in 2021

The United Nations
The head of the World Food Program (FPO) said the agency’s Nobel Peace Prize gave it the ability to alert leaders around the world. He said next year would be worse than this year and that if billions of dollars in aid were not provided, “ famine cases would increase dramatically in 2021. ”

David Beasley, head of WFP, said in an interview that the Norwegian Nobel Committee examines the tasks the agency performs on a daily basis in conflicts, disasters and in refugee camps. Providing food to millions of hungry people puts the lives of its employees at risk… and also sends a message to the world that the situation is getting worse… (more) more Work has to be done.

Beasley said of last month’s award it was received at the right time. He said it didn’t get much attention due to the news of the US election and the Kovid-19 outbreak. At the same time, the world’s attention has not been focused on the problem we are facing. He reminded the Security Council in April that the world is facing a pandemic on the one hand and “it is also on the brink of a pandemic of hunger”.

He said if immediate action is not taken, the situation could worsen. Beasley said we were able to postpone it to 2020 because world leaders gave funds, provided packages, but funds received in 2020 are unlikely to be received in 2021, so he is constantly talking to leaders about it and They are warned of deteriorating conditions in the coming times.

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