World Health Organization: Corona continues to wreak havoc despite vaccine threat in Europe, WHO warns at Christmas – Coronavirus infection escalates in Europe, World Health Organization warns at Christmas

The rate of corona virus in Europe is increasing day by day. That’s why, on Wednesday, Germany announced a strict nationwide lockdown. At the same time, the World Health Organization has warned that Europe is in great danger of a new wave of corona infection. Therefore, the WHO has advised citizens of European countries to wear masks when visiting people on Christmas.

EU meeting on December 21 to approve vaccine
Amid the increasing rate of infection, European Union (EU) President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the corona vaccine would be approved within a week. According to the European Union Medicines Agency, a meeting of 27 countries was called by the Union on December 21 to approve the Pfizer-BioNtech corona vaccine. Germany recently called on the European Union to convene this meeting as soon as possible.

WHO launches Christmas appeal
The World Health Organization has said people will gather with friends and family in Europe over Christmas. It will also increase the risk of corona infection. In such a situation, the WHO has called on people to fulfill their responsibility to prevent the infection from developing. The organization also said to try to keep visitors out of the homes. If you are meeting in a hall or closed room, maintain social distancing and use masks.

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European countries are troubled by Corona
The ravages of the Corona virus have kept European countries at bay. In Italy, the death toll has set a new record. Here the maximum number of people died in a year after World War II. It is believed that after Christmas the rate of infection may increase further. At the same time, the nighttime curfew was maintained by removing the lockdown in France. Bars and restaurants were also closed until January 20.

Infection can increase at Christmas
In the Netherlands, strict lockdown has been imposed to prevent corona infection. It is believed that foreclosure rules may be relaxed over Christmas. Spain could also be subject to lockdown due to the growing ravages of Corona. Corona’s restrictions have also been tightened in London since Wednesday. Denmark and Austria also worsened due to Corona.

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