World Leaders Condemn Us Violence: Photos and Reactions of World Leaders on Violence in the U.S. Capitol by Donald Trump Supporters: Donald Trump Supporters Attack Parliament on Capitol Hill in the United States

The January 6 violence in America shocked the whole world. The most powerful country in the world continues to burn politics down and Parliament, the greatest democratic institution, is in its hands. This is called as an insult to the democratic process by not violently rejecting the election results, but also as shameful. America’s first presidential elections were held on January 7, 1789, and today America sits at the post of the world’s greatest power. Despite this, the whole world is sad about the situation that arose there …

World leaders have expressed their grief

World leaders condemned the violence and expressed sorrow at the situation in the country. Leaders from different countries have called for a peaceful transfer of power. UN Secretary General Antonio Gutarais spokesman Stephen Dujarric said: “The Secretary General is saddened by the events at the US Capitol in Washington DC”. In such a situation, it is important that political leaders persuade their supporters to refrain from all violence and to believe in the democratic process and the rule of law ”.

“It’s bad”

New Zealand Prime Minister Gensinda Arden said in a statement: “What is happening is wrong”. He said: “In a democracy, people have the right to vote, to speak, and then to make this decision peacefully. It shouldn’t knock the crowd down. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted: “Sightings unknown to the public were seen in the US Parliament complex. America represents democracy to the world. It is important that the transfer of power takes place in a manner peaceful and fair within the framework of the due process ”.

‘Stop attacking democracy’

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the incidents of violence in the United States tragic. He said: “The uproar and protests in Washington are worrying.” It’s worrying. The Chinese Embassy in America has also warned its citizens of the situation. China has asked its US citizens to be careful. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas wrote on Twitter: “Trump and his supporters should accept the decision of the American electorate and stop attacking democracy.” He said: “Incitement statements lead to violent action. Contempt for democratic institutions has dangerous consequences.

“Beauty of democracy?

The personal assistant to the President of Nigeria, Bashir Ahmed tweeted: “The beauty of democracy? There have been numerous coups d’état in Nigeria since independence. Several decades later, a government under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari was democratically formed. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera and Colombian President Ivan Duke are among the leaders of Latin American countries who condemned the protesters. Both leaders expressed their belief that democracy and the rule of law will prevail in America.

‘The result of Trumpism’

In Italy, too, people were surprised by the incident of violence and said that America was still seen as a model of a democratic country. Italian leftist leader (retd) Peraluzzi Castazanetti tweeted: “This is the result of ‘Trumpism’.” The former Swedish prime minister tweeted: “It’s a betrayal”. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country was “ very angry ” at the incident at the Capitol complex in the United States. Canada is a close ally of the United States. The President of the European Parliament, David Sasoli, also condemned the incident of violence in the United States.

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