World record made of bees

It’s a bee hive. It is not his compulsion but an exercise to create a world record. This person from China also set the record for being the largest bee hive. Ruan Liangming’s entire body is covered with bees and has recorded his name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Millions came after a fly queen
For this, he made a queen sit on his body. This attracted many other bees themselves. According to the Guinness Book, this bee beard is an art dating back to the 19th century. During this act, approximately 6.37,000 bees sat on their bodies which weighed 63.7 kg. Of these, 60 were queens.
The work will only be done by keeping calm
Ruan says that in order to do something like this, the competitor has to stay calm. Bee knows that if she bites you, she will die. So she only bites when she feels threatened by you. So if it appears that the bees are getting aggressive then they should be avoided and action should be stopped if necessary.

During this effort, he stood calmly. Her mouth was closed and her eyes open. People who put bees to them wore protective gear. However, Ruan himself was not wearing any safety gear. The act was judged by Angela Wu and Lisa Hoffman.

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