world top news 2020: YearEnder2020: Not only in Corona this news was also reported around the world in 2020 – Yearender Roundup Top News in 2020 from around the world

In 2020, when the name of the Corona virus was said on people’s tongues, in the meantime there was a lot more news that caught the world’s attention. Where America has its new president, Israel is slowly starting a new relationship with the countries of Central Asia. In 2020 there was a war in the world and on the other side the United States and the Taliban came together to write a new text in Afghanistan to end the old war. Let’s take a look at the 10 Big News from the World:

The world saw the vaccine race for the first time

Race to create a vaccine in the world to end the Corona outbreak. The institutions of large countries like America, Britain and Russia were ahead in this area. Russia has started giving its vaccine to Sputnik V Corona Warriors. The first vaccine from the Pfizer company was given in Britain to 90-year-old grandmother, Margate Keenan. India is not behind in this race either. The testing of several indigenous vaccines is in the final stages here. Serum Institute is engaged in the production of vaccines in association with Oxford. India and Britain may soon approve this vaccine.

Kamala-Biden wins, impeachment trumps

The duo of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris recorded a resounding victory in the US election. This victory set many records. Born in India, Kamala Harris became the first woman elected to the post of vice president, the first black American and the first Asian American. At the same time, Biden, 78, will make a record by becoming America’s oldest president. Impeachment was also carried out against President Trump this year. He was the third President of the United States on whom this action took place. The impeachment process began against Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998. Both presidents had managed to save their chairs.

Nara Gunja – Black Lives Matter

The ruthless murder of black man George Floyd in America has shocked the whole world. Photographs of George buried under the knees of the police force blacks to stand up for their rights. America’s uplifted voice of “Black Lives Matter” has been heard in many countries. During protests in the United States, President Trump tweeted: “If there is looting, we will start shooting.” When people surrounded the White House, there was an emergency in many states. People also clashed with the army. The slogan “Black Lives Matter” was written on the streets near the White House.

China’s war on Hong Kong

China has introduced a new law to suppress the wave of democracy in Hong Kong. Under this new security law, China can criminalize anyone in Hong Kong. There will be no opposition to or demonstration against China. China will establish a new national security office in Hong Kong. This office will collect information. Under the law, China arrested Hong Kong media businessman Jimmy Lai. However, he was later released on bail.

Historic US-Taliban Agreement

The return of US troops from Afghanistan was part of Trump’s campaign promises in 2016. For this reason, America signed a historic peace deal with the Taliban. In addition to the troop withdrawal, negotiations are also to take place between the Taliban and the Afghan government as part of this agreement. Pakistan is taking advantage of this opportunity. Senior Taliban leaders have met on several occasions with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister. India is also considering this agreement. India suspects that Pakistan wants to take advantage of this deal and instigate terror.

Armenia-Azerbaijan clashed again

Armenia and Azerbaijan clashed again after nearly two decades. The battle took place in the disputed area of ​​Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijan calls the region its own, although it has been under Armenian occupation since the fighting in 1994. Turkey, Azerbaijan’s friend, has also joined the battle. However, with the help of America and Russia, this war was stopped but many questions also arose. The culmination of the war was that armed unmanned drones were outnumbered by huge guns and tanks. Military experts now call it the world’s first “drone war”.

Britain is separated from the European Union

January 31, 2020 will go down in history as the day Great Britain separated from the European Union (EU). Breguit was approved by the British government in the June 2016 referendum, which led to the decision to secede from the EU. That day Britain and the EU agreed to give each other 11 months to separate. Breggit broke the partnership formed in 1973. Then Great Britain joined the European Economic Community.

Beirut shook with the biggest explosion

On August 4 of this year, the Lebanese capital, Beirut, exploded with a big bang. The buildings were demolished and around 220 people lost their lives. The explosion was the most powerful non-nuclear explosion. Beirut was devastated by the explosion. The explosion occurred in ammonium nitrate stored at the port. The entire area was surrounded by residential buildings. His entire cabinet, including interim Prime Minister Hassan Diab, has tendered his resignation. Security officials had already informed of the major damage caused by these explosive materials.

Arab countries have a relationship with Israel

In August and September of this year, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain announced the normalization of relations with Israel. They are the first Arab countries to have recognized relations with the Jewish country of Israel in the past 25 years. President Trump called it his major victory. Previously, Egypt had recognized Israel in 1979 and Jordan in 1994. Arabia also seems to be softening its relationship with Israel. According to reports, Netanyahu had secretly arrived in Saudi Arabia and Shahzade had met Salman, but both officially avoided saying anything about it.

Iranian commander Sulaimani killed

The United States declared Iranian Quds Force Commander Sulaimani a terrorist and attacked him with a drone on January 3. This decision was followed by violent protests in Iran. During Sulaimani’s last visit, a large number of people took to the streets. Iran has declared a strong revenge on America. On January 7, Iranian forces fired missiles at US targets in Iraq. The US Department of Defense said 110 soldiers were injured. After that, the dispute slowly calmed down.

Prince Harry left the palace

Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Prince Harry and his wife Megan Merkel have parted ways with senior members of the royal family this year. Harry and Megan say they both made the decision after months of negotiations. The two royal titles will not be able to use “His Royal Highness” and “Every Royal Highness”. Harry will remain the prince and the sixth heir to the British royal throne. The Queen said in her statement that Harry, Megan and their son Archie will always remain dear members of my family.

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