World vertical drop record: a British couple breaks the record for the highest vertical drop

In Britain, a 3-foot-7-inch groom set a world record by marrying a 5-foot-4-inch bride. Their name was recorded in the Guinness World Records for the greatest difference in length between husband and wife. There is a difference of one foot 9 inches in their length. The couple have been identified as James Lusted, 33, and Chloe, 27. Both live in Wales, UK.

This is the biggest difference in the height of husband and wife
Guinness World Records has revealed that the couple have the biggest height difference in the world for married couples of different sexes. James Lusted plays silent on a TV show. He suffers from a rare type of dwarfism called dystrophic dysplasia. James first met his wife Chloe through mutual friends in a pub.

Kissed the wife while putting on a ladder during the wedding
James and Chloe tied the knot in 2016. Meanwhile, the groom had kissed the woman by order of the father in the church using the ladder. The couple also have a two-year-old daughter named Olivia. Chloe admitted that she was initially drawn to tall boys, but her preferences changed dramatically when she met James.

James is affectionately referred to by his family and friends as Joe. They were born with a type of genetic dwarfism. But, she did not transmit this disease to her daughter. James said when Chloe proposed on a trip to Disney in Florida, he felt he was 10 feet tall. He said holding my daughter in my arms was one of the two best things I’ve ever done. Marrying Chloe was the second happiest day of my life.

What is dystrophic dysplasia?
Dystrophic dysplasia is a rare disease. Due to this disease, the body of the person is deformed and his size is small. According to The Portal for Rare Disease, the disorder affects both men and women. This disease usually occurs in one or two people on a lakh. People with dystrophic dysplasia often have symptoms from birth.

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