World War III: US Nuclear Submarine Ready to Sink Russian Warship, Could Start WWIII – US Submarine USS John Warner was set to sink Russian warships after 2018 strike in Syria

Syria is once again becoming a battleground between the world’s two superpowers following the recent US Air Force airstrike. Russia has warned the United States not to target militias supporting the Assad government. On the other hand, US media Fox News claimed that due to the tension created by the US airstrike in Syria in 2018, the US Virginia-class nuclear submarine USS John Warner was ready to sink a warship. Russian. The United States feared that Russia would target its naval warships in support of Syria. After that, the USS John Warner was kept ready for action against Russian warships. At the time, the same submarine fired extremely lethal Tomahawk missiles at the Assad government’s pro-militia militia.

The danger of a third world war looms

By 2018, tensions in Syria between the United States and Russia had increased so much that the threat of a third world war loomed around the world. The whole world was active to avoid this war, as Russia and the United States deployed their deadliest stockpile of weapons in Syria. As Russia activated the S-400 and S-300 defense systems to protect the Assad government’s support forces, the United States ordered the F-16 and F-22 fighter jets to stand by. Numerous American killer submarines circled Syria day and night. In such a situation, if a country in Russia or America had targeted another country’s army, then the world map would have been different.

US Virginia-class submarine is extremely deadly

The Virginia-class rapid attack nuclear submarines are equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles. Being equipped with a stealth function, enemy radars are not able to detect this submarine. This submarine has no break in the world in anti-submarine warfare. They were ordered in place of the US Navy’s Los Angeles-class submarines. Submarines of this class will remain in service with the US Navy from 2060 to 2070. The US Navy is working on plans to build 66 of these submarines, 19 of which are still active while 11 are under construction. In addition, the US Navy has placed new orders for 6 submarines.

Patrols can be carried out underwater for months

Marines deployed in Virginia-class submarines can stay underwater for several months if they are not carrying food items. It has its own oxygen generators, which produce oxygen for the Marines deployed in the submarine. Apart from this, due to the installation of nuclear reactors, they have an uninterrupted supply of energy. Whereas conventional submarines have an electric diesel engine. For this, they have to repeatedly come to the upper surface to take diesel and carry out repair work. If a submarine is hidden underwater, it is very difficult to find it. However, if this submarine only appears on the surface once for a certain job, it becomes easier for the enemy to detect and pursue it.

US Tomahawk missiles are extremely deadly

Missile experts point out that Tomahawk missiles are very precise for such attacks. These cruise missiles measure between 1,250 km and 2,500 km. These missiles traveling at relatively low altitudes are released from the sea. Being at low altitudes, radars are unable to track them. Tomahawk missiles are guided through the advanced navigation system. The length of this missile is 18 feet 3 inches (5.56 m), with the thruster measuring 5 feet in length. The speed of the missile can be from 885.139 km / h to 1416.22 km / h.

The price of a Tomahawk missile is around five and a half crores

Tomahawk missiles do not travel in a straight line towards the target, so they cannot be dropped in the middle. These missiles were first used by the United States in Operation Desert Storm. These missiles can carry over 450 kg of explosives with them. They are also capable of carrying nuclear weapons. However, the United States separated them from nuclear use. A Tomahawk missile costs around five and a half crores. The Tomahawk Block-2 missile can reach 2,500 km. This missile is 5.5 meters long without a thruster and up to 6.5 meters with a thruster. Currently, the missile is deployed in the US and UK Royal Navy. Taiwan has also linked up with the United States for the purchase of this missile.

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