World War III: When America was about to drop an atomic bomb on Moscow in 3 minutes, said a Russian researcher – World War III, when the United States was about to drop a nuclear bomb on Moscow Moscow within three minutes, revealed by Russian researcher

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States was about to drop a nuclear bomb on Russia in conjunction with NASA. The NASA special shuttle was to be used for this attack. With the help of which several kilotons of atomic bombs could be dropped over Russia in just three minutes. By this time, the tension between the two countries had reached such a height that the danger of nuclear war threatened the whole world. At the same time, Russia has also deployed its missiles in Cuba, very close to the United States, to reverse it.

Was America going to drop an atomic bomb on Russia by a special shuttle?

Russian researcher Pavel Shubin claimed, based on a document from March 1976, that the Soviet Union was concerned at the time that the US space shuttle was developed to bomb Moscow. The document on the basis of which he claimed the US mission to drop the atomic bomb on Russia is called UG Sikhrulidze and Dmitry Okohsimsky wrote.

Claims made on the basis of reports by Russian scientists

These two were Russian scientists, who were instrumental in determining the trajectory of the Soviet spacecraft in space. US space historian Dwayne Day revealed in a blog post that a US space shuttle launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California was scheduled to fly south to north over the Soviet Union. Which could have dropped the atomic bomb while passing over Moscow.

Atomic bomb could be fired at Moscow in 200 minutes

Using this technology, a bomb could be fired over Moscow within 200 minutes of installing the atomic bomb in a shuttle. It could have completed its mission much faster than a ballistic missile launched by an American submarine. However, the attack was scheduled to take place when the United States feared Russia was now carrying out a nuclear attack.

America was ready to destroy the Soviet command

Thanks to this attack, the United States was already preparing to destroy the Soviet command and shut down its network. Russian researcher Shubin said the report was presented to the Communist Party Central Committee. Where it has been widely debated. After that, Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev ordered that a set of alternative measures be developed to protect the country from such an attack.

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