World’s biggest genocides by death toll 60 Lakh people killed in Holocaust massacre: 5 biggest massacres in the world

Genocide is considered the most serious crime against humanity. The year 2021, the largest Holocaust massacre in the world, ended 80 years. Two-thirds of the Jewish population were slaughtered in this massacre, led by German dictator Hitler. Not only that, there have been many other massacres in different parts of the world which have brought shame on mankind. According to the definition of genocide in the United Nations Genocide Convention, when murders are committed in a country with the intention of destroying a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, we speak of genocide. The term genocide was coined in 1943 by Jewish-Polish lawyer Rafael Lemkin, who combined the Greek word “genos” (race or tribe) with the Latin word “seed” (to kill). His entire family was killed except for Dr Lemkin’s brother during the Holocaust. After that, he campaigned to recognize the massacre as a crime under international law. His efforts culminated in the United Nations Convention on Genocide held in December 1948, in which the resolutions adopted were implemented in January 1951.

6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust

In 1939, after Germany started the world war, Hitler began to implement his final solution to eradicate the Jews. Since 1941, the Hitler SS intelligence agency had brought Jews from most parts of Europe to the Nazi Holocaust center in Ashwitz. Where workers were kept alive, while elderly and infirm were put to death in a gas chamber. All the identification documents of these people were destroyed and a special mark was made by hand. In this camp, Nazi soldiers tortured Jews in various ways. They took off the heads of the Jews. They only received food to stay alive. Even in very cold weather, only a few rags were given to them. When one of them fell ill or was unable to work, they were killed by beating or beating them in a gas chamber. In this camp, any prisoner was publicly punished, so that the fear of others remained. Several reports have claimed that around six million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust, or two-thirds of their total population.

2 million people were killed in the Cambodian massacre

In the 1970s, in Cambodia, a South American country, under the leadership of the secretary general of the Communist Party Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge regime suffered violent atrocities. This incident pushed all of Cambodia towards communism. As a result, between 1975 and 1979, around two million people died. This number represented about a quarter of the total population of Cambodia at that time. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge had long been supported by the Chinese Communist Party and its dictator Maotsse Tung. It is estimated that 90% of foreign aid to the Khmer Rouge came from China. This also included $ 1 billion in interest-free economic and military support. After assuming power in April 1975, the Khmer Rouge sought to transform the country into a socialist agricultural republic based on ultra-Maoist policies and influenced by the Cultural Revolution. During this reign, around two million people died from excessive labor, starvation and mass executions. The massacre ended when the Vietnamese army invaded in 1978 and overthrew the Khmer Rouge regime.

Russia carried out the Serasian massacre

The Serasian massacre was carried out by Russia during the occupation of Serasian in 1864. In three years, 2.5 million people were killed by the atrocities of the Russian army. It is said that during this period, up to 90 percent of the population of Cerasian were killed or banished by the Russian military. At that time, the Russian army had committed so many atrocities that even today the soul of the people is shaken. Russian soldiers would tear the stomachs of pregnant Serasian women and take the child away for entertainment. Not only that, he then threw this rudimentary fetus in front of the dogs. Russian General Grigory Jas used to call women here as inhuman filth. They used to keep people here and do a lot of science experiments on them. When one of his experiments failed, he killed these people. The people here then fled and took refuge in the neighboring country of Turkey.

Turkey killed 1.5 million people in the Armenian genocide

According to Armenia and other historians, in 1915 the Ottoman army systematically massacred around 1.5 million people. Turkey has consistently rejected these claims, which has led to tensions in the relations between Armenia and Turkey. There isn’t as much talk about the murder and torture of millions of Jews in WWII, not Armenian civilians who died in WWI. Turkey has not even asked for a public apology for the devastation inflicted on the Armenian population. In contrast, Turkish Islamic dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently supported Azerbaijan in the war against Armenia. They provided all necessary assistance to Azerbaijan, causing heavy losses to the Armenian army.

8 thousand Muslims were killed in the Bosnian massacre

According to an estimate, 8,000 Muslims were killed by Bosnian Serb soldiers in this massacre. Most of the dead were between 12 and 77 years old. The massacre was so horrific that most people were shot on the Point Blanc range (between the fronts). After this massacre, the former Bosnian Serb commander, General Ratko Mladich, became the Bosnian butcher. When Yugoslavia was partitioned in 1992, Bosnian Muslims and Croats voted in favor of an independence referendum, while the Serbian people boycotted it. A controversy erupted between the Serbian community and the Muslim community over how a new country would be formed. At that time, there was no one to mediate between Serbs and Muslims. Both sides therefore began to attack with gun force. Thousands of people have died in this civil war while millions of people have been displaced. People felt that Bosnian Muslims, despite their small population, wanted to assert their rights. During this time, the command of the Serbian army was given to General Ratko Mladich. This fierce commander waged a barbaric campaign during the Battle of Bosnia and killed all the rebels who also opposed the Serbian army or power.

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