Worten and Alares, hand in hand in favor of the poorest

Worten, a distribution chain for household appliances and consumer electronics, and Alares, experts in family and personal assistance in Spain, are joining forces to offer support services, both in the field of personal care. older than family reconciliation. .

Under the name “Worten Te Cuida”, the company offers its customers a

Key support and assistance, even more so in these times when the pandemic has made the situation considerably more difficult for the elderly, who in many cases live alone. This collaboration will be extended with another new service, which will be integrated in January, and which focuses on daily support for workers who need to reconcile their professional and family life.

“The impact of COVID has highlighted the need for help and support to deal with the difficult situation we are going through. More than ever, there is a need to take care of our seniors and provide them with tools and facilities that can improve their daily lives, as well as help families who telecommute and have to cope with daily tasks without support. Thanks to Alares, we will offer tailor-made services which help these groups and which can be the gift idea.

this Christmas to take care of those we love because of not being able to be there, ”says Jos Fara, Executive Director of Services and Aftermarket at Worten.

“The ‘Worten Te Cuida’ initiative is disruptive in the industry and is the perfect way to provide Spanish homes with the care and tranquility that our seniors and their families need more than ever. All supported by cutting edge technology that responds to any emergency 24 hours a day. This collaboration between Worten and Alares aims to offer care services at unique prices and I am convinced that we can help many families, ”says Anna Maria Hurtado, General Manager of Marketing and Commercial at Alares.

24 hour remote care “Cario for the Elderly”

This service offers Premium personalized assistance to our seniors, with 24-hour remote assistance to offer them the best security and quality of life for them and their families. In addition to having the installation of fixed equipment and the use of mobile devices (such as the SOS button with GPS) to always maintain contact in case of vital need. Thus, care and support in any emergency situation are considered, both medically and to fight against loneliness, give affection, withhold medication, an appointment … in short, help you in everything you need. It also includes 24-hour medical and psychological care, a home pharmacy, an international second opinion in the event of serious illness or unlimited legal support. All this for only 29 € per month, technological control equipment included, for indoors and outdoors, with GPS geographical location for emergency situations.

“Family and work”

This service, which will be available in January, aims to help people reconcile work and personal life, thus making their daily lives easier. Thus, it includes a personal assistant 24/24 to make an appointment, book, organize projects, buy gifts …, everything you need at any time; management of housework, support, care and help at home or in hospital; 24 hour home medicine pharmacy. As well as second international medical opinion before serious illness. A service pack with a cost of only € 9.99 per month.

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