Wuhan Institute of Virology Covid-19: Intelligence on sick researchers in the Wuhan laboratory fuels the debate on the origin of Covid-19: three researchers from the Wuhan laboratory were sick before the genesis of the corona virus

Despite the deaths of more than 3.4 million people worldwide due to the corona virus outbreak, there is still speculation about its origin. Many countries around the world believe that the Wuhan Institute of Virology of China instead of causing this dangerous virus. He claims that China withheld a lot of important information related to this outbreak and spread it around the world. Now, it has been revealed that in November 2019, three researchers working in this lab fell so sick due to their hospitalization. The great thing is that at that time, the whole world ignored the name of Kovid-19.

US intelligence report mentioning Trump’s time
This was revealed by US media outlet Wall Street Journal citing an anonymous US intelligence report. It is believed that this could help the World Health Organization regarding the origin of the Kovid-19 virus. A WHO meeting is scheduled today, during which the origin of the virus will be discussed. The report was published in the State Department’s fact sheet in the dying days of former US President Donald Trump.

Different expert opinions regarding the evidence
Officials associated with the WHO have given different opinions on this intelligence of the three researchers who fell ill in the laboratory in Wuhan in China. While some experts have called it an important link to Kovid’s genesis, some have said this information was obtained through an international partner, so we still need further investigation and confirmation. However, many US officials described it as strong evidence.

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The world believes in the birth of Kovid in November 2019
Many senior epidemiologists and virologists around the world believe that the Covid-19 epidemic caused the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 in November 2019 in Wuhan, China. While China claims the first confirmed case of the virus occurred on December 8, 2019, when the virus was found inside a person. China is also believed to have so far not shared the data, security logs and laboratory records of its in-depth work on the corona virus found in bats at the Wuhan Institute.

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China has denied the origin of the virus
China has repeatedly denied that the virus originated from one of its laboratories. China’s Foreign Ministry said after the WHO-led team visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology in February that there was little risk of virus leaking from the lab. However, most countries around the world still believe that the Kovid-19 virus was disclosed by this lab.

America Said – Corona Spread From Chinese Lab
Regarding this Wall Street Journal report, the US State Department said that we still believe in the spread of the virus from the Chinese lab, so we will not back down from spreading it. However, the Biden administration declined to comment on the Trump-era intelligence report.

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