wuhan institute of virology science prize: wuhan lab surrounded by corona birth, china to award best scientist prize, praised “batwoman”

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The Wuhan laboratory, which will award the China Top Scientist Award for the birth of the Corona virus, will receive this scientific award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, not only the work of the famous Chinese scientist Shi Zhengli known as Bat Femme .
China will award the award for best scientist for his exceptional performance during the time of the epidemic at the Wuhan laboratory, surrounded by the birth of the Corona virus. The Wuhan lab, which faces claims of China Corona virus leak, will receive the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Science and Technology Achievement Award. Not only that, the work of Shi Zhengli, a scientist known as Bat Woman in China, was also specially praised.

Shi Zhengli directs animal research at the Wuhan laboratory. The Chinese Academy of Sciences said the Wuhan laboratory’s team of researchers have been thoroughly and systematically investigating the causes of the corona virus outbreak. As a result, the way was opened for the manufacture of drugs and vaccines against the corona virus. In addition, the Wuhan laboratory provided essential scientific and technical support to prevent and prevent the spread of the epidemic.

The bats were kept in cages in the Wuhan lab
The award for best scientist has been announced for the Wuhan lab at a time when it is poorly surrounded by the leaking crown. There are concerns that the virus has escaped from the Wuhan laboratory and reached the Wuhan Wet Market, which is a short distance away. This is where the corona outbreak was first identified. Not only that, the bats were kept inside the laboratory cage in Wuhan, China. This was revealed in images that first surfaced from the Wuhan lab.

These images from the Wuhan lab have dismissed the World Health Organization (WHO) claim in which it called the suspicion of Corona coming out of the Wuhan lab as a “conspiracy”. An official video from May 2017 from the Chinese Academy of Sciences showed bats being caged. This video was posted after the introduction of security according to the new biosafety level 4 in the Wuhan laboratory. In it, the safety standards were indicated in the event of an accident. He also mentioned numerous disputes with the French government regarding the construction of the laboratory.

Scientists are seen feeding bats to insects
Scientists are also seen in the video feeding bats with insects. This 10-minute video is entirely dedicated to the construction of the Wuhan Lab. Interviews with numerous scientists were also shown there. Previously, the WHO in its investigation report on the origin of the crown did not say that the bats were kept in the Wuhan laboratory. The only thing that was said in the investigation report was that the animals were kept in the Wuhan laboratory.

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