wuhan lab leaks donald trump: chinese virus came from wuhan lab, china fined world $ 10,000 billion: donald trump

Former US President Donald Trump has once again strongly attacked China and its Wuhan laboratory over the source of the corona virus. Trump said I was correct in assuming the Chinese virus was coming out of the Wuhan lab. He said: “Now everyone, even the enemy, has started saying President Trump was right about the Chinese virus coming from the Wuhan lab.”

Trump has called for China to be fined for the deaths and devastation around the world due to the corona virus leak from the lab. He said: “The correspondence between Dr Fauchi and China is irrefutable proof that no one can deny. China is expected to pay $ 10 trillion in fine to the United States and the world for the deaths and devastation caused by the corona virus.
WHO chief warned that more deadly viruses could reach the world than corona
“Now there is no more doubt about it”
Earlier, following the disclosure of the private email from Dr. Fauchi, the US president’s senior advisor on Corona virus, controversy once again erupted over the spread of the corona virus from the Wuhan laboratory in China. However, Dr Fauchi now says the possibility of spreading the corona virus from the Wuhan lab to the world is negligible. Earlier, Trump had said that even in the U.S. intelligence report, this possibility had not been ruled out.

It was said in that report that in November 2019, a few weeks before China revealed the Kovid-19 outbreak, three researchers from the Wuhan Biological Laboratory requested to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. Trump told the Fox Nation program presenter that you can now name the word ‘probability’ for the corona virus theory coming out of the lab. He said there was hardly any doubt about it any longer. Earlier, Trump had pointed out the possibility that humans were behind the corona virus. Trump had named the virus corona virus China several times during his presidency.

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