Wuhan Lab Scientists Bitten By Bats: Video: Wuhan Lab Secret Has Been Bitten By Bats In Mysterious Chinese Cave, Big Crown Revelation! – Scientists at Wuhan Chinese laboratory admit being bitten by bats infected with covids

The discovery of the source of the corona virus reached a major revelation during a visit by the World Health Organization team to Wuhan. Scientists at the Wuhan lab speculated that they had been bitten by bats while taking samples from the mysterious caves. These Chinese caves are believed to be home to bats infected with the corona virus. In a video that aired on China’s state-run CCTV broadcaster about two years ago, Chinese scientists accepted the bat bite. It is also seen in this video that scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were careless when they took samples of bats, which turned them into bats. Let’s know the whole thing and see the disputed video …

Stool was collected from bats wearing t-shirts

The Wuhan Institute of Virology has been accused of working against safety standards. According to the Taiwan News report, a December 29, 2017 CCTV video found complete evidence of Chinese lab negligence. The video was created to show scientist Xi Zhengli, the Chinese batwoman, and her team trying to pinpoint the origin of SARS. Scientists at the Wuhan lab, known as the Level 4 Biosafety Lab, were negligent in catching bats inside the cave. The result was that a Chinese researcher was bitten by bats. The researcher himself admits it in the video and also shows his hand. In the video, team members are seen collecting the highly contagious droppings of the bats while wearing shorts and t-shirts. No one wore a PPE kit during this period.

“ Poisonous bat teeth pierced like a needle in the hand ”

The Wuhan Lab researcher said, “The poisonous teeth of the bats entered my rubber glove and felt like a needle was entering my hand.” Not only that, the Wuhan lab staff were seen working without glasses. These people were working on the “living virus” and were not wearing masks. It was also at this time that the World Health Organization commissioned PPE kits in these laboratories for safety reasons. The revelation comes at a time when the WHO team is in China to investigate the source of Corona. China allowed the investigation team to come here after much hilariousness and investigate in Wuhan. We see in the video that a Chinese scientist caught the bat with his bare hands. Although some members wore shaving suits, others who spoke to them wore normal clothing.

Chinese ‘batwoman’ bragged about bats

The video featured live bats. The person recounting the video said scientists wore gloves, but even then there is a risk of a bat bite. Meanwhile, a researcher believed he had been bitten by bats. He showed that the bats had swollen joints due to their bite. In this video, the person himself said that there are many types of deadly viruses present in bats. She said every member of the team had been vaccinated against rabies before heading to the caves. The video was first released by the China Science Exploration Center, but was later censored by China. In this video, the batwoman from China is heard saying, “This job is not as dangerous as everyone thinks. He said it is true that bats carry many viruses, but the risk of directly infecting humans is very low.

See, this full video of scientists from the Wuhan laboratory

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