WWII Bomb Explosion: 907kg German WWII Bombs Viral Video: Viral WWII Bombing Video

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In Britain, the WWII bomb was gone, it heard loud bangs 10 kilometers away, the windows of many houses were smashed, the walls cracked.
In the city of Exeter, England on Sunday, the military evacuated the entire city to defuse the WWII bombing bomb. When the bomb was blown by remote control, its threat was so strong that the windows of houses several miles away shattered the glass. After the discovery of this 900 kg bomb in the residential area, an intensive search operation is also underway in the surroundings. British security agencies suspect that more actual bombs could be found in the area, which, if not discovered in time, could cause a major accident.

People are not yet allowed to return home
Residents of the surrounding area are not allowed to return home, even two days after the WWII bomb was defused on Friday. Police say we will not let anyone into this area until after we have done a security audit. It is believed that this bomb was dropped by Hitler’s Nazi army from Germany on the city of Exeter in Britain. The bomb was discovered on Friday in the grounds of the University of Exeter.

The whole area was evacuated in two days
The bomb disposal squad and police arrived as soon as the bomb was reported and the entire area was evacuated. He called on people living in around 2,600 homes in the Glenhorn Road area, including 1,400 university students, to move to safer places away from the area on Friday and Saturday. The bomb was defused at 6:10 p.m. Sunday evening with a controlled explosion. The explosion was so powerful that this echo was heard about ten kilometers away.

Neighboring houses suffered heavy damage
Local police ordered people to stay away from the area for several days. Only after a thorough security check will everyone be allowed to come. Due to this explosion, the windows and walls of many surrounding houses were smashed. This also poses the risk of these houses falling. The local team is also involved in repairing houses across the area.

Video of the incident goes viral
Video of this incident is also going viral on social media. In which the flying debris is shown after the explosion. Experts from the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Team neutralized the bomb in a controlled manner. Now the whole area is studied.

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