Xbox app adds two new fundamentals

The new Xbox app for Windows 10 has just been updated with new features. This app adds new subscribers every day thanks to Game Pass and its excellent performance. Microsoft is doing everything in this generation and not only putting its efforts in hardware but also in software. The new store is another prime example.

Xbox now allows us to better manage our games

Now it will be easier to manage our owned and installed games. The left navigation bar has gained a new “My Collection” section where we can see all the games we have purchased from the store, as well as the Xbox Game Pass games that we have added to the “Play More” queue. late ”.

From “My Collection” you can also access the new Facilities Administration Center by clicking on “Manage Facilities” in the upper right corner. There we will find your installation queue and a switch to enable automatic updates.

The release notes also mention the ability to view and install certain games before they go on Xbox Game Pass for PC. Microsoft has added similar functionality to the Xbox Game Pass mobile app as well as Xbox consoles with the new November 2020 system update.

There is still a lot to do in the Xbox app for Windows 10, which always wastes too much space by using unnecessarily large skins. Game downloads, which still use the normal Microsoft Store, can also sometimes be unreliable. Still, Microsoft is updating this new app pretty quickly, which is the primary entry point for Xbox Game Pass for PC. The company can’t rest on its laurels with Steam, GOG, or the Epic Games Store providing great experiences for PC gamers.

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