Xbox Auto HDR is coming to Windows 10

We have already indicated on some occasions that the consoles do not differ much in terms of hardware. This is why Microsoft offers different technologies such as FPS Boost, Smart Delivery or Auto HDR. This latest technology could reach more than 1000 games on Windows 10.

Games will feature Auto HDR on Windows 10

The goal is for games to have the ability to apply AutoHDR technology and turn it on automatically as long as we have an HDR monitor. This will happen in games which are DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. The Redmond giant says it could hit around 1000 games.

“While some game studios are developing HDR games for PC using native HDR support, Auto HDR for PC will take DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 SDR games only and intelligently extend the color / brightness range to HDR.” says Hannah Fisher, Head of DirectX at Microsoft. “It’s a platform that will give the most incredible games a new experience by taking full advantage of the capabilities of HDR monitors.”

Auto HDR can be enabled in the latest Windows 10 Dev Channel release (21337) hitting insiders this week. It should be enabled although we can also enable or disable it at will. Auto HDR is in a trial period and not all DirectX11 / 12 games support it at this time. In addition, Microsoft wants to improve performance and fix existing bugs. “Auto HDR uses the computing power of the GPU to implement it.”

Along with Auto HDR functionality, the latest version of Windows 10 also includes virtual desktop improvements, an updated File Explorer layout, and even changes to built-in apps like Notepad.

Windows 10 will soon include custom backgrounds for each virtual desktop, with the ability to easily rearrange desktops. Microsoft also adds additional information between items in File Explorer. There is now a compact mode with the classic file browser mode and the new view is a bit more optimized for touch.

Notepad also has a new icon now and will be updated through the Microsoft Store. Microsoft has also updated the apps it includes with Windows 10, to include Windows Terminal and Power Automate Desktop.

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