Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) comes to iOS and PC thanks to the browser

Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) is Microsoft’s solution to democratize the world of video games. Cloud and network connections are becoming more powerful and good software can take advantage of this to allow us to play demanding titles from less powerful computers. Xbox Cloud Gaming is now coming via a browser on iOS, PC and macOS.

As of today, Xbox Cloud Gaming runs on custom Xbox Series X hardware and is available to all @XboxGamePass Ultimate members with Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets, via browser, in 22 countries. #XboxGamePass

– Xbox Wire (@XboxWire) June 28, 2021

Xbox Cloud Gaming: in search of omnipresence

According to Microsoft, we can access xCloud on Windows 10 PCs through Edge and Chrome browsers. In the case of iOS and iPadOS, it will work as a web application through Safari and we will have the option of using a remote control or touch controls in some games.

Another important announcement concerns the performance of xCloud. According to the North American company, their cloud-based video game service is now running on custom Xbox Series X hardware. They have updated their data centers around the world to provide a much better experience in terms of loading time and fps. They promise that with a good internet connection we can play at 1080p and 60fps.

Following the recent introduction of the Xbox app for SmartTV and the “non-smart” TV accessory, this is another giant leap in bringing xCloud into every home. Microsoft’s bet is already taking shape and over the next few years they will reap the rewards.

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