Xbox Live suffers global drop – Microsofters

The reliability of Microsoft’s servers is incredible, but they are not free from possible crashes. This happens with Azure, with Office, and of course with Xbox Live. Microsoft’s online video game service is currently in decline worldwide.

Xbox Live is down, it’s not you

While you might think it might be your connection failing, it isn’t. The Xbox team has reported that the service is down and users cannot sign in. We understand that this is a specific failure and that the service will be fully restored within the next few hours.

We are aware that users may not be able to sign in to Xbox Live at this time. Our teams are currently studying to resolve this problem. We’ll update here and at when we have more information to share!

– Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) February 25, 2021

If you’re not signed in to your Xbox, the sign-in process will fail, preventing access to some services, such as Xbox Party Chat. Some apps may not launch without major Xbox Live services online, and various games may not launch correctly either.

We will be attentive to any information in this regard and will keep you informed when service is restored. It’s a shame but no service is infallible and this time it was Microsoft’s turn.

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