Xbox partners with TiMi Studios for future smartphone games

Microsoft’s smartphone games have been a resounding failure. Even the big names like Gears of War, Minecraft or Age of Empires haven’t saved Xbox from booming chess with smartphone games. Now he also has big franchises like Doom or Fallout and he doesn’t want to leave anything to chance anymore. He has partnered with TiMi Studios to ensure success.

TiMi Studios and Xbox team up to create content

The answer, almost rhetorical, to who is behind TiMi Studios is none other than Tencent. This company has created big hits on smartphones like Call of Duty: Mobile and Honor of Kings. The two companies have formed a strategic alliance to create game content. We understand, but do not specify, that TiMi Studios will be responsible for the development and marketing of games for various Xbox Game Studios franchises and their marketing.

TiMi Studios already has a lot of experience adapting large franchises for smartphones. There we have Call of Duty: Mobile which has just passed 500 million downloads worldwide and has been in charge of the Pokémon Unite strategy game. Microsoft has been known to flirt with the smartphone market for a long time, but it never worked well beyond Xbox Cloud Gaming.

TiMi Studios is one of the biggest developers in the world. In 2020 alone, he had more than 10 billion in profits. The popular game Honor of Kings has over 100 million daily active users. This once again demonstrates Tencent’s grand strategy for smartphone gaming and its growing impact. We’ll see if this study is what Microsoft needed to make its Xbox Game Studios games successful on smartphones or if it becomes a curse.

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