xCloud has enabled 60 studios to develop their games remotely

We had talked about it in the past but, on the occasion of the launch of the Xbox Series X and its production during the pandemic, we talked about xCloud. And did the cloud gaming service contribute to the development of new video games during these times of remote working.

xCloud key in video game development during pandemic

xCloud not only lets you enjoy hundreds of games in the cloud. Allowing you to play them with Xbox Game Pass on mobile devices and tablets, it also helps in the development of new projects, according to Bloomberg.

The long list of delays we’ve seen in future versions of video games has made it clear that thriving during a pandemic is really tough. This is why we had to take advantage of new working methods. One of them was to use xCloud, something that would have been used by Xbox Game Studios and Activision to test versions of their future games in development.

“This allowed us to get our console finished on time,” said Daniel Kennett, chief software engineer for xCloud, Microsoft, in his conversation with Bloomberg.

The tool was configured in-house to allow developers to access the high-end equipment they had in their offices from their homes. This version of xCloud allowed the use of higher resolutions and also the reproduction of a more immersive sound. According to media reports, employees at around 60 studios use xCloud to be able to work on their new games and test them from their homes. In the report, it is mentioned that it is also used to analyze and fix hardware issues of new Xbox Series family consoles.

Teams with xCloud keys in development

Microsoft’s cloud game allows employees to connect with their work teams. From them, they can work on the design and work on the games remotely. According to Kennett, these changes can be shared among Microsoft teams, helping to restore some normalcy to work.

“Being locked up at home and not being able to walk around to see how things are going is devastating,” the engineer said.

The Bloomberg report also mentions the upcoming Forza or at least how premature prototypes of a new Forza work on Xbox One systems using xCloud and another tool developed by Microsoft.

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