xCloud is coming soon to Windows 10 via the Xbox app

The cloud is the future. Microsoft has known this for a long time. Unsurprisingly, Satya Nadella was named CEO of Microsoft after achieving great success as the head of the Azure division. One of the main cloud names for Microsoft is xCloud, the popular streaming video game service, which is said to be very close to landing on Windows 10.

xCloud landed on Android a year ago and those who have been able to test it point out how well it works even on very small, powerful computers. That’s the magic of the cloud: you can play a multitude of titles, even demanding ones, without needing a lot of raw power. All we need is a good internet connection.

Windows 10 is preparing for the arrival of xCloud

When it comes to Windows 10, all we know so far is that Microsoft was using the Xbox Game Streaming app in testing to integrate xCloud into its operating system. The news we bring to you today, released by the companions of Aggiornamenti Lumia, is that those in Redmond have started working in the last few hours to migrate the functions of Xbox Remote Play and xCloud directly to the Xbox app.

So although they are testing these features in an independent app like Xbox Game Streaming, there is every indication that xCloud will arrive on Windows 10 as an update to the Xbox app. In the images shared by Aggiornamenti Lumia, you can see the files that refer to it that appeared in the latest Xbox app update for Insider. They completely coincide with the files that we find in the Xbox Game Streaming.x app.

Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia

There is still no specific date for the general availability of xCloud in Windows 10 but these steps point in the direction of its proximity. Windows 10 is an ideal platform to play in the cloud and xCloud will democratize gaming among users. No more paying a lot of money for a good processor and good graphics: the cloud will help bridge this gap.

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