xi jinping army: Xi Jinping’s message to the Chinese army, don’t be afraid of death, be ready to win the war – xi jinping asks the army to be ready for war and not to worry about death

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers to prepare to win the war regardless of their lives. He made this appeal by addressing the army commanders. The country’s state media quoted Jinping as saying, “Do not worry about the hardships of death and train and strengthen yourself in war.”

Previously, he had called on the United States, India and Taiwan to be ready with the military amid the tensions. Last month, Jinping told the Navy to put its wits and energy into winning the war and being on high-level alert. At the sea base, Xi called on the soldiers to increase their combat capability so that multiple tasks can be performed each season, responding quickly.

The Chinese leader stressed it again within the Central Military Commission. He also said the party’s goal was to turn the PLA into a world-class army.

Significantly, China has shown its military capability aggressively. He continues to deliver such messages amid tensions with Amerita, Taiwan and India. Propaganda Media continues to broadcast videos of rockets and missiles fired during military exercises. Even a mock attack clip on US bases was released.

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