Xi Jinping: China softens given India’s toughness, Jinping told SCO – will resolve dispute through negotiation

Tensions in China are starting to ease due to India’s difficult position in the face of lingering tension in Ladakh (India China Standoff). At a meeting of heads of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO summit) on Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping said SCO countries should resolve their differences and mutual disputes through dialogue and consultation. In the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Jinping said member countries should come forward to advance the SCO and deepen solidarity and cooperation.

PM Modi and Jinping first met amid border dispute
It was the first time Prime Minister Modi and Xi Jinping attended a meeting after the Indo-Chinese border dispute began in Ladakh from May. However, there was no interaction between the two countries other than this meeting. In order to reduce tensions in Ladakh, 8 rounds of military-level talks have been held between the forces of India and China. However, so far these meetings have seen no impact on the ground.

Jinping said on Corona
Jinping said at the SCO meeting that we should deepen solidarity and mutual trust, and resolve disputes and disputes through dialogue and consultation, in order to strengthen the political basis for the development of the SCO. Referring to the corona virus outbreak, Jinping said the outbreak has changed the international landscape.

Jinping called for cooperation
Jinping cautioned about the future, saying that due to the corona outbreak, the world is entering an era of turbulence and change. He said that the international community is now faced with choices between majoritarianism and unilateralism, openness and isolation. People all over the world are growing up for a better life. We will only win by progressing towards peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit.

PM Modi targeted the signal with gestures
Addressing the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted China in gestures over the border dispute. Without naming China, he said it was important for SCO member countries to respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. India has strong cultural and historical ties with the SCO countries. India believes that in order to improve connectivity, it is important that we move forward, respecting each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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