Xi Jinping Davos Agenda Summit: Bullying Dragons from Taiwan to India, Chinese President Preaching to the World – Bullying in China from Taiwan to India Chinese President Xi Jinping Teaching the World at Davos Agenda Summit

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Chinese President preaches to the world from Taiwan to India
Chinese President Xi Jinping has taught the world that strong countries should not intimidate weaker countries with weaker nations. At the same time, he also warned that forming small groups or starting a new Cold War, rejecting, intimidating or blaming others would only lead the world to division. The Chinese president said his country is determined to resolve disputes with other countries through dialogue and dialogue.

Jinping said at the Davos conference on the agenda of the World Economic Forum: “We must respect differences and come to terms with them. Interference in the internal affairs of other countries must be avoided. Disagreements should be resolved through mutual discussion and dialogue. The Chinese president did not mention any country in his speech, but in recent months, China’s relations with America and India have come to a head.
When she sang in Sikkim, China began to sing the melody of peace, teaching India
Stressful situation with many countries including India
After the arrival of new President Joe Biden in America, everyone’s eyes are on what the change in US-China relations might be. Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has created tense situations with many countries including India, has warned world leaders not to start another cold war. While calling for broader international cooperation, Xinping said on Monday that the epidemic was still far from over despite the world’s first progress in the war against Kovid-19.

Jinping also said, “Forming small groups or starting a new cold war, rejecting, intimidating or blaming others will only lead the world to division.” Xinping said the stressful situation will harm the interests of each country and sacrifice people’s well-being. Xinping said the epidemic should be an opportunity to review the benefits of globalization. He also promised to bring more openness to the Chinese economy.
China also sends 15 fighter jets after nuclear bombers on day two
“ The greatest evil comes from ego, partiality and hatred ”
The Chinese president said, “With the help of science, argument and the minds of mankind, the world has made early progress in the fight against Kovid-19.” He said, “The epidemic is far from over … but the cold spring and the darkness cannot prevent the morning light from coming.” He also called for abandoning “ideological prejudices” to walk together on the path of peaceful coexistence, mutual benefit and cooperation.

Jinping said, “There is no harm to anyone because of the differences. The ones that do the most harm are arrogance, bias and hatred. He also called for promoting global cooperation through different stages, including the distribution of vaccines to all countries. Jinping stressed that China believes in resolving all disputes through mutual dialogue. He said China will continue on the path of maintaining friendly and cooperative relations with all countries.

Chinese President Xi Jinping advises not to intimidate the world

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