Xi Jinping India: Xi Jinping calls for greater global media reach to showcase the real China

Chinese President Xi Jinping is concerned about the deterioration of his country’s reputation in the world. He ordered state media to increase their capacity to present a good image of the country to the world. Jinping said his country should improve the way it tells his country’s stories to a global audience. In fact, because of the Corona virus, China has suffered a lot all over the world. Not only that, China’s expansionary policies made up for the rest.

Emphasis is placed on presenting a correct image of China to the world
China’s state-run news agency Xinhua said Jinping told a Chinese Communist Party study meeting that it is important for us to improve our ability to spread our messages globally in order to present a true, precise and efficient China to the world. . He also said that China must develop an international voice commensurate with its national strength and global position.

Jinping wants Communist Party propaganda
Jinping said that the way the Chinese Communist Party tries to please people here, more effort is needed to say all these things to foreigners. It is also necessary to strengthen propaganda efforts to increase people’s understanding of the Chinese Communist Party. For this, the country needs to build a team of professional and trained people and adopt specific communication methods for the different sectors.

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How does China’s relations with foreign media?
China’s relations with foreign media have long been strained. Just a few months ago, China banned the BBC. Chinese state media, such as the Global Times, have often accused foreign journalists of biased reporting. China has even arrested foreign journalists several times for false reporting.

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The BBC is banned in China
China banned the BBC World Service in February 2021. The National Radio and Television Administration of China (NRTA) then said the BBC misreported the coronavirus and Xinjiang. China had said the BBC reports had harmed China’s national interests and weakened its national unity. At the same time, many experts said China made the decision to ban the BBC in response to the CGTN ban in Britain.

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