Xi Jinping Tension in Ladakh: Xi Jinping asks Chinese army in Tibet to prepare for war

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Tibet for the first time amid heightened military tensions with India in eastern Ladakh over the past year. He also visited the Brahmaputra River on which China is building the world’s largest dam. Not only that, he also called on local Chinese army soldiers in Tibet to step up “war preparation.” Jinping’s visit in itself is of vital importance to India and this instruction given to the military is sure to call into question the dragon’s true intention.

“Prepare for war”
Chinese state newspaper Global Times reported in its report that Xi had met with officials from the Tibet Military Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. According to the newspaper, the president stressed that the training and preparation of local troops should be enhanced and help provide a positive force to promote stability and prosperity in Tibet. It should be noted that the responsibility for the border with India has been entrusted to this command.

Xi Jinping visits Tibet for the first time, visited the Arunachal border, “inspected” the Brahmaputra
“People should feel happy”
Xi said high-quality development in Tibet should be based on the principle that it should promote local unity and development, improve people’s employment, connect them and bring benefits, security and happiness. to the local population. However, on this tour, Jinping did not focus solely on Tibet. Inspected the Brahmaputra river valley and its tributaries.

China Highway near the Arunachal: the Chinese bustle on the border of the Arunachal, a 67 km long highway built near the ALC
Visit of the Arunachal border
The Chinese president’s visit to the Arunachal border comes at a time when China recently began operating a fully electric high-speed train for the first time. He had said earlier that the new high-speed rail line would play an important role in safeguarding border stability. It pointed to the Arunachal border with India. Nyingchi is a border town of Tibet located near the Arunachal.

Eyes are turned from Ladakh to Arunachal
China recently built a strategically important highway through the Brahmaputra River valley. This highway connects Medog County, which shares its border with Arunachal Pradesh. In addition, China, which is eyeing Indian soil from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, will now build the world’s largest dam to “capture” Indian water resources.

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