Xi Jinping warns of security concerns in Afghanistan

Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned his army, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), that the Taliban regime is coming to Afghanistan and that they must prepare for armed conflict and security issues on the country’s border. The Supreme Commander of the Chinese Army, Xi Jinping, called on the PLA leadership to further strengthen its solidarity with the Communist Party. Additionally, Jinping called on the Chinese military to become the US collision army by 2027.

The Chinese president said on Saturday that China should prepare for a “military conflict” as the United States pulls out of Afghanistan by September 11 this year. For several months, Chinese authorities have warned that the American withdrawal from Afghanistan could lead to a re-emergence of the Taliban and threaten regional imbalances.

Xi Jinping and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said this week that the US withdrawal provides refuge for Uyghur Muslims who may attack the Communist Party in China’s Xinjiang Province. At the same time, American and British warships on China’s eastern border have increased their presence in the South China Sea. They openly dispute China’s maritime claim.

On the eve of Chinese Army Day, Jinping said on Saturday that the ruling Communist Party is “on the whole” and that the military should make concerted efforts to become the best army in the world by 2027. on the lines of the United States. Last year, at the Chinese Communist Party conference led by Jinping (68), the plan was finalized to turn the Chinese military into a fully modern US-modeled army by 2027.

After the CPC plenary session held in October last year, the media reported that by 2027, the centenary year of the establishment of the Chinese military, China will transform its army into a fully modern army. Addressing the ruling party’s political bureau study session on Saturday, CPC and Central Military Commission (CMC) head Jinping said that the Chinese military’s centenary year, celebrated in 2027, is due to the strong will and dedication to achieve the goals. work together. The CMC is the umbrella organization of the Chinese army, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Recalling the history of the CCP, which celebrated its centenary on July 1, Jinping said, “The party is omnipresent” and the military must make concerted efforts to become the best army in the world by 2027 and speed up the process. modernization. The state-run Xinhua News Agency said Jinping paid tribute to officers, soldiers and the general public associated with the PLA and members of the armed police forces and militia and reserve services during a meeting held on Saturday before the 94th Army Raising Day, which is celebrated on August 1. Express.

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