Xian H-20: Xian H-20: This new fighter plane from China can scare the world, the American atomic bomb from Guam – Chinese strategic bomber Xian H-20 or the god of war in the sky can attack guam with nuclear weapon latest photos

China is increasingly working on a long-range stealth bomber amid continuing tensions with the United States. The bomber could lead a nuclear attack on the US Naval Base Guam and other nearby military bases in the Pacific Ocean. Recently, China’s national defense company Norinco released computer-generated photos of China’s new Xian H-20 stealth strategic bomber. It shows the first glimpse of the warplane under construction in years. These images show that this Chinese bomber is an exact copy of the American B-2. It has an internal bay to hold the arms. It has two adjustable tail wings and airborne radar. Apart from that, the two sides of the cockpit where the pilots sit also have an air intake. Norinco magazine published this image and named China H-20 as the god of war in the sky.

China to deploy H-20 instead of H-6

According to a report by defense technology watchdog Flightglobal, China is now considering deploying the modern H-20 stealth bomber by withdrawing its strategic H-6 bombers. Many experts also feared that this Chinese aircraft, like its other devices, was made by stealing technology. The model of this aircraft resembles that of the American B-2 and B-21 bombers. At the same time, a National Interest report indicates that this Chinese plane still remains a mystery. While the American B-2 and B-21 bombers are combat evidence that has been tried in many wars and intelligence missions. In such a situation, this plane fails to pose a great challenge to America.

This aircraft was first shown in 2019

China first presented its mysterious H-20 bomber at the Zhuhai Airshow in 2019. At the same time, a New Zealand Herald report claimed that the H-20 supersonic stealth bomber could double the strike range of China. Interestingly, little information is available on this aircraft on any platform at this time. This was mentioned in the Pentagon’s annual report on the military power of China for 2018 and 2019. The annual report on the military power of China of the US Department of Defense, released in 2019, states that the Chinese aircraft H -20 is capable of attacking up to 8,500 kilometers. It is capable of carrying nuclear and non-nuclear (conventional) weapons.

US B-2 can carry 16 nuclear bombs

B-2 Spirits are considered the deadliest bombers in the world. This bomber plane can carry 16 B61-7 nuclear bombs simultaneously. Recently, its fleet has included extremely lethal and precise B61-12 atomic bombs. Not only that, it easily penetrates enemy territory dodging enemy air defense. A thousand kilograms of conventional bombs can also be deployed on this bomber. It is considered the most effective bomber for attacking enemy lands.

America has a total of 20 B-2 stealth planes

In 1997, a B-2 Spirit bomber cost about $ 2.1 billion. The United States has a total of 20 steel B-2 Spirit bombers. This bomber is capable of striking 11,000 kilometers while flying at an altitude of 50,000 feet. Once in supply, it can attack up to 19 thousand kilometers. The plane has proven its capability in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

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