Yammer now allows guest access and collaboration

The quintessential corporate social network, Yammer, which isn’t LinkedIn, now allows guests in a Yammer community to comment. This has been in testing since December and allows people outside a company to leave their comments.

Yammer now allows external collaborations

Yammer is the corporate social network created for every business. This allows collaboration within large companies to be much better. The Redmond giant seems to have hit the nail on the head with this service used by large companies like Telefónica. Now allow anyone we invite to collaborate.

“External collaboration is a key element to the success of any organization. Yammer guests allow us to reach out to experts, such as consultants or suppliers, beyond the organization. Users can invite anyone to a community and quickly start a rich conversation by sharing access to community resources such as files. This ease of use makes external collaboration one of the most widely used features in Yammer today, ”the company explained.

With this update, Yammer network administrators will be able to invite external users to our community to facilitate rich conversations. The Azure AD B2B guest support in Yammer aligns it with other Office 365 services, such as Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint. It brings a ton of features and capabilities for businesses, including easy external collaboration and support for community resources, streamlined guest modes, and more.

Microsoft noted that the Azure AD B2B guest feature is already configured for all Yammer communities provisioned after December 15, 2020, but the feature is disabled by default for existing Yammer networks, and IT admins will need to update their settings. security to allow guest access.

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