Yammer, the corporate social network, integrates new features

Microsoft this week announced new changes coming to its corporate social networking service, Yammer. Some of these updates are already being rolled out, while others are expected to be released at a later date.

Yammer Introduces New Features for Corporate Social Media

First, Microsoft is adding the ability to directly create posts, questions, and polls in Yammer. And in the future, it will be possible to do this from the SharePoint pages. This new feature essentially allows us to submit SharePoint pages directly to Yammer communities. We can also customize the style of Yammer content and add rich text or images.

Another change is the ability to add Yammer’s new style and functionality to a webpage using its new onboarding feature. This was announced late last year as an update to JavaScript widgets. This change is intended to bring the new platform experience to any HTML application. Best of all, we don’t need to take any extra steps if the source can be updated or if we’re using the classic insert interface.

The new style and functionality of the new Yammer has also started to roll out on the Yammer tab in Microsoft Teams. In addition, Microsoft has changed the experience of viewing Yammer virtual events. This update introduces a side viewer so you can join a conversation while watching the video and the option to collapse pinned conversations to focus on the news. You can also view the conversation threads in a new feed.

Tags and themes also got a visual overhaul. Clicking on a tag (Hashtag) opens a community search results page on that particular tag. Yammer is now working on allowing us to post a tag without automatically adding a subject. This new feature is expected to be implemented this month.

Finally, the service introduced new administration and navigation functionalities in its mobile interface. He also plans to add more ideas for conversations and events in the coming months.

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