Yellowstone volcano eruption 2020: Yellowstone volcano: flaming volcanic volcano underground, will explode in cataclysms 90,000 lives – if the Yellowstone supervolcano in Wyoming erupts, it could kill 90,000 people immediately

In America, the most powerful country in the world, a volcanic volcano is burning underground. Located in the US state of Wyoming, this volcano is called Yellowstone Volcano. Researchers say that if the Yellowstone volcano erupts, 90,000 people will die instantly. He said that although this volcano can be very beautiful to see, if it explodes, it can cause the most terrible destruction in the history of human beings. From this great explosion, a cloud full of thick ash will arise that all the earth will be covered with. Let’s know the whole history of the Yellowstone volcano, which resulted in the destruction …

Yellowstone volcano has been dormant for 6 million years

The Yellowstone volcano in the state of Wyoming has been quiet for 6 million years, but scientists fear this sleeping “ monster ” will wake up and wreak havoc. He said if the Yellowstone volcano erupted, chaos would spread around the world. Scientists said Yellowstone has been under pressure for millions of years under volcanoes, according to the British daily Daily Express. He said if the heat under the volcano continued to increase, the volcano would start to boil and the rocks inside the ground would start to melt. If heat rises from the Earth’s core, it will form a mixture of magma, rock, steam, carbon dioxide, and other gases. After that, a gum will form inside the soil and the soil will lift up which will also be visible. It will look like he’s about to burst.

Yellowstone volcanic eruption will cause ‘disaster’

Scientists say that if the yellow stone volcano erupts, “the Holocaust” will come and 90,000 people will be killed immediately. He said the deaths of 90,000 people would be just the start. After that, a storm of destruction will come. The magma will spread over three kilometers of magma all over the earth in an area of ​​1600 km. This would mean that rescuers would also have to struggle to reach the site of the blast. It will put the lives of more people at risk. Not only that, the ash emanating from the volcano will close all entry paths into the earth. Ash and gas will fill the whole atmosphere and planes will not be able to fly. It would be similar to what happened in Iceland during a volcanic eruption in 2010.

‘Atomic cold’ will come to Earth because of the explosion

After the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano, there will be a “nuclear cold” on the earth. Nuclear freezing is the condition where too much ash and debris enters the Earth’s atmosphere. It will change the Earth’s climate because the volcanic eruption will cause the sulfur dye oxide to reach the atmosphere on a large scale. This will produce an aerosol of sulfur and reflect sunlight and swallow it inside. This will cause a drastic decrease in temperature on Earth. It will not increase harvests and ultimately lead to world hunger. Scientists have said that the good thing is that the probability of a volcanic eruption in Yellowstone is very low and virtually impossible.

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