Yemen’s Hell Hole: Yemen Desert Hell Hole: Yemen’s Hell Hole

Yemen’s name is often mistaken for violence and war, but here’s another thing that has baffled even scientists. In the middle of the desert, in Barhut, Yemen, is a well that is believed to be the way to hell. It is said that demons were imprisoned there. Found near Oman, it is 30 meters wide and 100-250 meters deep, the smell coming from the pit can make anyone think like that.

What’s at the bottom of the pit?
Yemeni officials say they don’t know what lies at the bottom of the giant crater. Salah Babhair, director general of the Mahra Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Authority, said the crater is very deep and there is very little oxygen and ventilation at its bottom. He says 50 meters have been lowered. Something strange was found here and there was also a smell.

Do ghosts live inside?
The light does not penetrate deeply into this pit. It is difficult for a videographer to take photos indoors. Around, it is said that the thing that approaches it is drawn in. Salah says this crater is millions of years old and needs more study, research and investigation.

Salah described it as a “mysterious situation”. It is even said that gin and ghosts live there. The locals are too shy to talk about it, far from approaching it. They are afraid it will do bad things to them.

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