Yoga ban: Alabama fails to overturn yoga ban after conservative groups object: State of Alabama refuses to lift yoga ban in schools

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In Alabama, the bill that lifted the ban on yoga in schools was stopped.
The yoga ban will continue even further in the US state of Alabama. A bill has been introduced in the Alabama Senate to remove this ban. Which was stopped after pressure from conservative groups. Indeed, the faithful faithful of Christianity in this state fear that a large number of people will convert to Hinduism because of yoga.

Yoga was banned from schools in 1993
In 1993, due to pressure from these conservative religious groups, the Alabama Board of Education voted to ban yoga as well as hypnosis and meditation in public schools. Yoga was subsequently banned from schools across the state. The bill was introduced in the Alabama State Senate to remove the same restriction.

Last year, the Alabama House of Representatives passed the Yoga Bill
In March of last year, the Alabama House of Representatives passed the Yoga Bill by 84 to 17 votes. The bill then went to the State Senate for approval, opening the lead to the enactment of its legislation and the ban on 28 years in schools. However, reported that the Senate Judiciary Committee had vetoed the bill after testimony from other Christian conservatives, including representatives from the Moral Rights Foundation of the former Chief Justice of Alabama, Roy Moore, saying followers of Hinduism would increase conversions in public schools.

Referring to the conversion of Hindus to Hinduism through yoga
Opposing the bill, conservative activist Becky Gerritsen said yoga is a big part of Hinduism. It was said in the news that Christian groups oppose the bill saying that Hinduism will be put into practice in schools. At the same time, Democrat MP Jeremy Gray, who introduced the bill, refuted the idea that followers of Hinduism would start to convert.

Alabama MLA gave an appropriate response
He said that I have been doing yoga for almost 10 years. I taught yoga in the classroom for five years and let me tell you, I still go to Baptist Church every Sunday. The purpose of this bill was to give government schools in Alabama the option of choosing yoga as an optional subject. The Alabama State Board of Education banned yoga in public schools in 1993 amid claims by right-wing organizations that hypnosis and meditation techniques were used in schools.

Meanwhile, there is news that the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Tom Whitley, immediately agreed to consider voting again and reintroducing the bill, meaning the bill can be voted on. again.

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