Yolanda Díaz promises her 10 ‘big reforms’ will be at BOE this year

Publication: Sunday, May 2, 2021 12:11

The government is planning 10 “major reforms” which “will revolutionize the labor market” and which will be in effect before the end of this year, with the exception of the employment law which is expected in 2022.

This was stated by Labor Party leader and third vice president Yolanda Díaz in an interview with “ La Vanguardia ” newspaper published on Sunday, in which the minister says these far-reaching reforms will be published in the Official Journal. of State. (BOE) “before December 31”.

“We only left the law on employment for the beginning of 2022”, he added, a rule which he defined as the “new framework of active policies” and of which – has – he says – there is already a project.

Díaz assured that social agents are aware of these reforms and that they “work hard”. As noted, the measures will be announced this week. “It is not worth going back to 1997, nor to 2006. The structural problems of the labor market were in 2006, in 2000, 2001. Therefore, what we are going to do is a great employment revolution in Spain “, asserted .

The reforms that would come into force this year refer to the law on remote work, pay transparency or “riders”, collective bargaining and subcontracting or training.

“In Europe, no one can understand why in 2019 we had more than six million contracts lasting less than seven days. It is not possible to weave a country with these contract terms. The model must also be changed from top to bottom. “, he assured. assured the minister, who warned that” it will be necessary to justify the cause for which a contract is not of indefinite duration “.

“The country needs to weave a new social contract. We cannot build a country, nor recover, despite European funds, a country with a broken social contract. There is stagnation in the professional classes, in the middle classes , and there are enormous difficulties in developing life projects with a certain dignity, “said Díaz, who argued that one of the keys to the reform is” to match the stability of employment with flexibility mechanisms “.

Likewise, the third vice-president announced “seven major investments” which will be deployed in the labor market, the amount of which has not yet been specified.

On the other hand, when asked about the possibility of the government authorizing, as requested by the employer, layoffs after the extension of the ERTE, Díaz said that “it would be absurd for an internal flexibility mechanism for the maintenance of work , which it supposes enormous sums of public money, allow to reject ”.

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