Yolanda Díaz rules out minimum wage freeze in 2021, says she will raise the issue with social workers

Posted: Saturday 12 December 2020 19:25

Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz said a freeze on the minimum inter-professional wage (SMI) in 2021 would not be understood and argued that next week the issue will be discussed with social workers.

“It is not shared and we would not understand why we are reassessing pensions and why we are reassessing the salaries of public officials to 0.9% and, I insist, why we leave the employees who need it most with a loss of purchasing power “, he defended Díaz in statements on TVE” I will not give the amount because I owe myself to the social dialogue table, because we will discuss everything and hope that we will have agreement at this table, ”Díaz added.

The Ministry of Labor will meet next Tuesday with employers and unions to discuss the evolution of the minimum inter-professional wage (SMI), which is now 950 euros per month.

It is a meeting of the technical table where the proposals of social agents will be heard, according to sources of Work. From CCOO, they have already argued that “he would not accept the freeze” of the SMI and recalled the government’s commitment to increase it throughout the mandate to 60% of the average salary, or around 1,100 euros.

UGT secretary general Pepe Álvarez has already recommended raising the SMI “to around 1,000 euros” in 2021, which would mean an increase of around 5%. On the contrary, the CEOE stressed that the current moment is not “the best” for an increase in the SMI.

Since the approval of the workers ‘statute in 1980, its annual review has been established, after consultation with the most representative trade unions and employers’ organizations. Since 1982, the Council of Ministers generally fixes the SMI for the following financial year at its last meeting of the year.

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