Yolanda Díaz will be the third vice-president of the government and Nadia Calviño will occupy the second vice-president

News of the reconfiguration of the coalition government after the departure of Pablo Iglesias, who is leaving him to run for the Madrid elections. As laSexta has learned, Unidos Podemos has agreed that Yolanda Díaz be the new third vice-president, instead of occupying the second vice-president which Iglesias will leave vacant, a requirement of Moncloa if he wanted to maintain the portfolio of job.

Sources from the ministry headed by Díaz had previously pointed out to this channel that the minister was not going to “fight” to be the second or third vice-president, but they warned that she was not prepared to give up. power of work.

For her part, the current third vice-president, Nadia Calviño, will become the second vice-president of the government, as this channel has learned. An agreement between the partners which, in the absence of official confirmation from Moncloa, generates satisfaction in the socialist wing of the executive.

And there was some concern about how to combine the vice-presidencies of Díaz and Calviño, because at all times it was guaranteed that the latter would continue to lead economic policy, so if the Minister of Labor assumed the second vice -presidence, that would create a problem. keep the scale.

Two economic vice-presidencies and Belarra at the head of social rights

The agreement by which Díaz will finally assume the third vice-presidency was negotiated throughout the day of Tuesday, during which, precisely, his protagonists coincided in the Council of Ministers. Minister’s spokeswoman María Jesús Montero told the following press conference that she did not expect “a different relationship” between the partners compared to the one they have “maintained to date. “.

In any case, as laSexta learned, Yolanda Díaz herself did not participate in this negotiation, although she told Iglesias that it would not be a problem for her to be second or third vice- president, as long as her professional skills are maintained.

Thus, after the departure of the leader of Podemos, the executive will have two economic vice-presidencies, which will be held by two ministers who have disagreed in the past, for example regarding the minimum wage.

On the other hand, as LaSexta was able to confirm this morning, Pedro Sánchez and the still second vice-president, who met this morning, have already closed the incorporation of the current Secretary of State to the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, who will occupy the Ministry of Social Rights who is leaving Iglesias.

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