Yosemite Fall Horsetail: Yosemite National Park Horsetail: Lava Falls in National Park of America

What is a “fountain of fire” like?

In fact, Horsetail Fall is a waterfall. It’s just a play of light that is nothing less than a treasure for photographers. Local photographers say that after about four years the situation is such that the waterfall looks like flowing lava. According to the national park, the sun sets in front of this waterfall. When at a particular angle, the waterfall begins to show an orange-red color. To see this, people are asked to stand in a particular place at a certain distance. From there, the image of the waterfall takes the form of lava. With that, what if there is snowfall and increased water flow and a clear sky.

Watch and stay tuned

People say when they see it they look, this sight is so lovely. Making it even more special is only a special day in February after which it disappears. To see this, at the end of February there should be a lot of snow that keeps the water flowing in the waterfall. The temperature must be so high during the day that the snow melts and the sky must be so clear that the sun’s rays are precise. These days this waterfall takes the form of lava for about 10 minutes in the evening. Last year this was not seen due to the dry winter which caused the disappointment of the photographers but this time they got some nice shots.

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