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After coronary infection, a lump forms on the lungs. Although Corona’s report was negative, it took more than six months for the lung wound to heal. People who smoke immediately after recovery have more damage to their lungs. In addition, the recovery time of the lungs also increases. So try to quit tobacco.

Smoking becomes more deadly after corona recovery, smoking becomes more lethal after corona recovery

There is a danger of smoking
Corona virus is transmitted inside the body by ACE-2 receptors. It is the enzyme that binds the virus to the spike protein in the nose and helps spread the virus. Due to the high number of ACE-2 in smokers, their risk of corona increases.
Touch your mouth again and again
People addicted to tobacco and smoking keep spitting again and again. Because of this there is a risk of infection in the surrounding people. Such people frequently touch the mouth and share BD-cigarettes with each other and smoke. The corona spreads further.
Quitting tobacco is now easier
Millions of people have given up tobacco because of fear of corona and lockdown. One million people quit smoking during this period, according to the Institute on Smoking and Health. 5.5 lakh have tried to leave. 24 lakh people have also reduced their drug intake. This is the right time for quitters. Vow to quit smoking.
40 types of cancer and 25 diseases are caused by smoking
About 270 million people in the country are addicted to tobacco and smoking. Of these, 120 million people smoke. This causes 1.2 million deaths in the country every year. Tobacco causes about 40 types of cancer and 25 types of other diseases. It contains 500 types of harmful gases and more than 7,000 other chemicals. Smoking causes 30% of the smoke to go into the lungs and 70% into the atmosphere. People close to him also suffer.
Quit smoking this way
Tell your family and friends that you want to quit smoking. If you can not leave at once, then gradually reduce the amount. Promote your habits and hobbies. Engage with them. Engage yourself in some of the work that is called for. Start walking. Stay away from friends who take drugs. If you can’t leave again, get counseling.
According to the statistics of 2015-16, the revenue from tobacco is 31 thousand crore rupees every year. One lakh crore rupees on diseases caused by tobacco. More than was spent Source- Ministry of Finance
Lucknow, KGMU, Head of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, and National Vice President (IMA-AMS) Dr.

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