You can now download Microsoft Edge Canary, Dev or Beta for Apple M1

Microsoft’s support in other operating systems is exemplary and if we are talking about Microsoft Edge it is second to none. Remember that the new Redmond browser is available even under Linux. Now, they manage to deliver support for the new ARM-based Apple M1 processors in record time.

Microsoft Edge is now available for Apple M1 on its Canary, Dev and Beta channels

As is often the case, support for Microsoft Edge in Apple’s ARM architecture began with the Canary Channel. It is the most unstable channel and it has daily updates. Later came the Dev channel, which has weekly updates and is more stable.

Now it’s the turn of the beta channel which has monthly updates. This is the prelude to the offer of the stable version of the new ARM equipment from Cupertino. We will surely have news in the coming weeks.

Starting today, you can download any Microsoft Edge Insider channel of your choice with native macOS ARM64 support! Head over to our Insider website to download Canary, Dev, or Beta to see how it works, and let us know what you think. šŸ’Ŗ

– Microsoft Edge Dev (@MSEdgeDev) January 15, 2021

At Microsoft, they know Safari still doesn’t convince most Mac users and the rival isn’t Safari but Chrome. This is why the company wants to catch up with those of Mountain View and offer its browser on MacOS with M1 processors.

The Microsoft Edge team cannot afford to lose users by not having their browser on the new M1 based Macs. Chrome was very fast and offered native support during the month of November. Today, Microsoft is fighting against the clock to offer its browser on Apple’s new platform.

We hope that this delay of almost three months does not mean that Edge is losing its quota of users in computers with the M1 processor. After all the work they do, it’s a satisfaction to see how they cut the distance with Google in terms of browser sharing. That if, the hegemony of Chrome is far from falling.

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