You can now search for Microsoft Edge just by using your voice

Research is no longer just entering the query into the search engine. We now have more ways to interact with the search engine. We can use pictures, search in text, or use our voice. But so far this hasn’t been implemented well in Microsoft Edge. Now it looks like they’ve finished deploying to the new tab area.

Microsoft Edge now searches with your voice

The reality is that voice search has grown exponentially in recent years. A few years ago, we saw a friend asking Siri or Google for information out of curiosity. Today, we do not see this gesture, but smart speakers are present in many homes.

Thanks to these smart speakers, we can search and, why not also do it in the browser. Yes it is true that the search in question may be slower than we type, but it is always nice to have the option at our disposal.

Now Microsoft Edge has started to implement voice search. It should be noted that this feature was already available with Bing but is now reaching the new tab area. Also, the research we did has worked very well. In addition, as we have already informed you, the Redmond giant will treat our data with maximum confidentiality.

Like everything, it’s an addition that the Edge team incorporates. It can become a popular feature or be discontinued within months. But, at the moment, it’s available to all Microsoft Edge users.

Yes, today we tested the feature, but I’m not sure if it will be repeated. This can be very interesting for those moments of inspiration or for that moment when you want to be away from the keyboard. That is, the feature is very useful and works very well, unsurprisingly Microsoft has surpassed the human ear.

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