You can now talk to people outside the company in Teams Chats

The Microsoft Teams app made things a lot easier around this time and month after month continues to improve. On this occasion present the possibility of carrying out a group chat with people outside our organization and announce its immediate availability. This way, it will be easier to collaborate with other companies.

Group chats improve in Microsoft Teams

The new group chat function with people outside the company allows us to start and participate in discussions with people outside our organization, it is only necessary that these people have an AAD (Azure Active Directory) identity. Additionally, companies should use the open federation policy so that we can see someone from the outside.

This policy is enabled by default in Microsoft Teams. Administrators can limit this in the action center and all functionality will be preserved. This will allow them to search, participate in 1: 1 chats, and call and schedule meetings with external users.

Once our company works with another, users will be able to talk in the same way as with someone in your company. Just tap on the new chat icon and write the person’s email. This will allow us to research and write to that person and bring together up to 250 people in a single group chat. Deployment begins today and is expected to be available on all operating systems by July.

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